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Billing Solutions

Run Your Business More Efficiently

Stop wasting your time manually creating AIA billings and let our staff do the busy work. 


Contractors Management Services dramatically reduces the number of hours you spend by automating the time-consuming, error prone task of manually creating AIA billings.

Construction Application for Payment

If your working on a large project chances are the general contractor will require many documents in order to process your billing. And they have very stringent deadlines. Tracking these documents can be a difficult task for many busy contractors. Let's face it, you don't want to chase paper but you DO want to get paid. Unfortunately, the two go 
hand-in-hand. With our service, you can let us handle all that paperwork. We will get your billing package together, request and obtain releases from your vendors and present to the general contractor on your behalf.

Vendor Invoice Tracking & Release

Contractors Management Services has designed a format to complete all your vendor billings by inputting all open invoices into our accounting system. Once the vendor invoices are input, a serious of reports are prepared to track billable job materials. This makes it possible to track release amounts with simple reports.

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